Run time

17 minutes


Filandra, a young naive girl, leaves her foster family behind to make a way for herself in the big city of Los Angeles the land where she believes anything is possible. Wide-eyed and hopeful, Filandra seeks to silence the words of her foster mom, who is constantly trying to discourage her. Fresh off the bus Filandra finds herself in need of a job, and with the help of her new colorful parrot-loving roommate she finds one; unfortunately, the job isn't exactly what she had in mind. Filandra becomes a second assistant to the ruthless and merciless Los Angeles Producer 'James Chavitz. With only minutes into her first day of work Filandra discovers she may be in over her head. With head assistant Lloyd constantly thriving on her failures, and Chavitz’s never ending insults Filandra is beginning to forget that she once saw herself with value. With each tear that drops from her eye her self-esteem decreases and Filandra begins to give up the idea that she will ever fit in. Each day gets worse and worse as Filandra begins to wonder what she's doing in Los Angeles, questioning if she should have ever come in the first place. Through countless endeavors and one unsuspecting discovery, Filandra learns that if she stays true to herself, there isn't anything she can't handle.